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Author: Olivia Smith

Improve Your Golf Game

Improve Your Golf Game There are really only two aspects to the perfect golf game, knowing the fundamentals and then executing them. Like any specialized knowledge, it takes hours and hours of practice to perfect. If you’re hitting the ball consistently and still not scoring well then course management may be your solution. If driving power is your weakness then learning the fundamentals and practicing them will get you that extra ten or twenty yards. We have listed a few tips below to help you knock a few strokes off your game. Course Management Nearly every golfer does it....

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Tips for Golf

Tips for Golf From tee to green we’re going to provide you with golf tips to improve every aspect of your game. These quick tips will help you to get more power on your drives, get more out of your fairway shots, and strengthen your short game. Put it all together and you’ll quickly begin to reduce your score. Ways to Get More Power on Your Drives The first thing you need to do to increase the power of your drives is to tee the ball correctly. This seems like a golf fundamental that every golfer should know, yet...

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Golf Pitching Tips

Golf Pitching Tips Pitching the golf ball with pinpoint accuracy is one of the quickest ways to knock strokes off your scorecard. Once you can consistently move the ball from tee to the front of the green, being able to get up-and-down with a consistent pitch shot is exhilarating. We’ve put together some pitching fundamentals and a couple of our favorite pitching drills to help you perfect the shot. Pitching Fundamentals • Keep your eye on the ball at all times. Even when you are following through you should be focusing on the ball. Too often, golfers want to...

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Golf Irons Tips

Golf Irons Tips Not all irons are made the same and neither should your shots. Short irons should be hit differently than mid irons which should be hit differently than long irons. We’ve provided some explanations below as to the why that is. We hope that understanding the nuances of each iron category will help you make good, solid iron shots every time. Blade Style vs. Cavity Back Irons The blade style iron, sometimes called the muscle back, has a solid back on the rear of the club head. This style of iron is used mainly by experienced golfers...

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Golf Downswing

Golf Downswing Many golfers, from beginner to advanced, neglect the downswing as an important component of their game. They concentrate on their stance, grip, wrist flexion, and follow through without any thought to how they perform the downswing. You must have heard of the importance of timing in your swing. Well, moving through the downswing efficiently contributes to attaining perfect timing in your golf swing. There are five key areas to focus on during the golf downswing: • Begin the downswing by driving your lower body in a forward motion • Pull the club with your forward arm throughout...

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