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Author: Olivia Smith

Golf Psychology

It’s not just the mental game it’s the mental psychology that allows you to concentrate on the game. Nutrition is a big factor in golf psychology and helps produce a calm, relaxed, but energized state that is ideal for the game of golf. Clearing the mind and having fun are also two prerequisites to an enjoyable game. Make Your Pre-Game Meal a Relaxing One Good golf psychology is not just about thinking right, but even what you eat can have a massive effect on your mental performance. Eating a moderately-high complex carbohydrate meal before your game can help the brain...

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Golf Tee Shots

Golf Tee Shots The golf tee shot can make or break a hole. Hit a short drive and you’re struggling the rest of the hole to catch up. End up in the rough or woods and you’re struggling to get yourself out of trouble. It can make for a frustrating day at the golf course. So, if you’re having trouble with your tee shots, we’re going to show you a few strategies to improve this part of your game. Once you have the fundamentals down pat you can begin to work on improving your distance. The Correct Posture is...

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Golf Swing Plane

Golf Swing Plane If you’re tired of being a “grip and rip it” golfer, we can offer you some tips to even out your swing and get you hitting the ball squarely on a consistent basis. It is said that the legendary golfer Ben Hogan popularized the importance of maintaining a controlled swing plane. He indicated that when he started focusing on this golf fundamental, his shot consistency improved. He then went on to become one of the best ball strikers on the PGA tour. What is the Golf Club Swing Plane Imagine your swing plane as being a...

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Short Game Tips

Short Game Tips The short game is the key to low scoring golf rounds. It is where you make the most shots during your round assuming your drives and fairway strokes are up to par. Learning the proper fundamentals of the chip, pitch, and sand shots as well as putting will shave strokes off your round more than any part of your game. With that knowledge, we’re going to provide you with short game tips that’ll have your golfing partners asking you for pointers. Play Your Chip and Pitch Shots with Confidence The biggest problem golfers have with their...

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How to Hit a Golf Ball

How to Hit a Golf Ball Hitting the golf ball consistently is the bane of many golfers. You send a drive a couple of hundred yards down the fairway only to “duff” the next shot. Your potential par quickly shifted to a potential bogey or worse unless you can recover. The following are the basic fundamentals needed to hit the golf ball consistently. Thanks to Meandmygolf The Golf Grip There are three basic golf grip styles that the majority of players use: • The Baseball or Ten Finger Grip • The Varden Overlap • The Interlock Grip We have...

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