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Tips for Golf

Tips for Golf

Tips for Golf

From tee to green we’re going to provide you with golf tips to improve every aspect of your game. These quick tips will help you to get more power on your drives, get more out of your fairway shots, and strengthen your short game. Put it all together and you’ll quickly begin to reduce your score.

Ways to Get More Power on Your Drives

The first thing you need to do to increase the power of your drives is to tee the ball correctly. This seems like a golf fundamental that every golfer should know, yet time after time golfers fail to tee their ball at the correct height. As a general rule, the tee height should be set so that the top half of the ball sits above the crown of the driver. Once you find the ideal tee setting for your swing, use it on every tee shot. I’ve actually seen some golfers’ measure and mark their tees with a Sharpee to ensure that they have the same height every time.

Now that you’re making solid contact each time you can look at ways to increase your distance. One way to increase driving power is to increase the width of your swing. The width is increased when you increase the distance between the right hand and right shoulder (opposite for lefties). The increase in width causes an increase in your swing arc. By increasing your swing arc you increase the clubhead speed resulting in more power. Bending at the hips and keeping a wide arc throughout the swing will allow your shoulders to torque more causing more power to be released upon impact. Using longer shaft golf clubs will also accomplish this, however, you may lose some accuracy.

Fairway Woods and Irons

These golf clubs are designed to provide you with loft to pick the ball off the ground and into the air with power. Too many golfers try to “muscle” the ball for distance instead of letting the club do the work. The goal of fairway shots is to get the ball within striking range of the green. If you are on a short par 4 and can safely reach the green in two shots, by all means, make the shot. Otherwise, your goal is to get close to the green to set up your approach shot. Fairway woods and long irons have longer shafts to give you that wider arc we spoke about above. Hit them with 75 to 80 percent of your maximum power for the best results.

Approach Shots: Setting Up Your One Putt

The chip shot is basically a bump-and-run to the pin. You’re not looking for much loft in this situation. Position the ball in the center of your stance to allow for an even swing plane. Square yourself to the shot and bump the ball to land on the green and roll to the pin. The critical factor here is “touch” to ensure you don’t hit it long or come up short. A short backswing with a confident acceleration is best. Never decelerate on the downswing or you’re likely to be doing it all over again a few feet forward.

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Finish off with a One Putt

Here’s a drill to follow for analyzing your putting stroke. After you have made your putt, hold your position at the top of the swing and check for the following:

1. Your body should still be in the address position.

2. The putter face should be square to your target.

3. Your putter path should be on line to the target.

If one or more of these are not true, you’re missing putts you could otherwise make.

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