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Golf Tee Shots

Golf Tee Shots

Golf Tee Shots

The golf tee shot can make or break a hole. Hit a short drive and you’re struggling the rest of the hole to catch up. End up in the rough or woods and you’re struggling to get yourself out of trouble. It can make for a frustrating day at the golf course. So, if you’re having trouble with your tee shots, we’re going to show you a few strategies to improve this part of your game. Once you have the fundamentals down pat you can begin to work on improving your distance.

The Correct Posture is Critical

Whether you are driving for accuracy, power, or both, it all starts with the correct posture. Too many golfers address the ball with a hunched back and shoulders. This golf posture is not only going to reduce your power it will alter your club head upon impact. The ideal posture is to be bent at the hips with a flat back. The knees should be slightly flexed. This posture will provide you with the most torque which results in more stored energy and more power. It also allows for a more even swing plane which takes less effort to bring the club head into contact with the ball correctly.

Keep it Simple

The mind has a hard time figuring out how to land the ball 250 yards away unless you’re a physicist. Here’s a little trick I learned that reduces golf tee shots to a more manageable level. When you’re at the practice range, place a tee about 12 inches in front of your ball. As you address the ball to take a practice swing, focus on the tee in front of you. This is the direction you want to drive the ball. The rest of the drive will take care of itself.

How to Tell if Your Clubface is on Line

Your golf glove can provide clues as to whether your clubface is open, closed, or square upon impact. If the back of your glove hand is facing left of your target line then you’ve released the clubface too soon (lefties, you know it’s always opposite). This action closes the face of the club and results in a hook. If your glove hand is facing right of the target line then your clubface is still open resulting in a slice. When you get it just right, the back of the glove should be aiming directly down the fairway. Have a golfing partner keep an eye on this for you.

Quick Tips for Golf Tee Shots

• Tee the ball with half of the ball above the crown of the driver. If it’s too high or low, you’re going to have difficulty hitting the ball squarely.

• Be sure that your backswing is online and that you follow through your downswing on an even swing plane. If you have to adjust your club on the downswing, you’ll lose power and have less consistency.

• Refrain from swinging your hips backward during the backswing. Your hips should be stationary as your turn your shoulders back.

Drive the ball about 80 percent of your maximum power to maintain proper balance.

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