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Author: Olivia Smith

How to Grip a Golf Club

How to Grip a Golf Club The purpose of an effective golf grip is to allow the hands to work together and strike the ball with maximum power. There are three basic golf grips that teaching professionals use with their students. We’ll cover these styles in this article. The amount of pressure you use with your grip will also affect your ball flight. Lastly, we’re going to cover the importance of obtaining the right size grip handle on your golf clubs. The oldest and, perhaps widely used among beginners, is the ten-finger or baseball grip. Grasp the golf club...

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Putting Tips

Putting Tips The putter is the most used club in your bag. About 40% of your total score come from putts. To get your golf game into the low handicap zone you’ll need to become a master on the green that’s where these putting tips will help. Getting on the green in two shots doesn’t do you much good if you’re three putting when you get there it still makes you a bogey golfer. The great thing about these putting tips is that you can practice them nearly everywhere. Posture As you know from watching the pros there is...

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Golf Slice Cure

You’re not alone. Over 80% of golfers have some degree of slice on their drives. It takes a guy like Bruce Harmon or other qualified professional to analyze and provide a tailor-made golf slice cure. While he’s likely a little out of your price range, there are some golf slice cure strategies that will have you sitting pretty on the fairway. The first thing you should look at is your grip. There’s a simple technique to position your hands the same for each shot. The Grip for Golf Slice Cure A general rule of thumb that teaching pros use...

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David Nevogt Review

David Nevogt has transformed the golf swing to the relief of struggling golfers everywhere. He breaks it down into a simple 5 step process that has thousands of duffers all over the world making pars and even birdies. This David Nevogt review will describe how this man, the author of “The Simple Golf Swing” and other well-respected golf guides, has transformed thousands of golfers games with his no-nonsense book “The Simple Golf Swing”. Part of his success has come from Nevogts close association with PurePoint Golf Instruction and the legendary teaching pro Bobby Eldridge.   Click Here to Visit The Simple Golf Swing Its Nevogts belief that not everyone has the physical abilities to swing a golf club like the pros. So why do we constantly want to imitate their swings when it just isn’t working for us? It’s time to find your swing. One that works for you and helps reduce your golf scores. The Simple Golf Swing instruction guide has been designed with beginners in mind. Anyone can learn to play golf competitively regardless of their physical abilities. This doesn’t mean it will not help athletes perfect their game. It will. In fact, many low handicap golfers have dropped their score by using some of these techniques. The conventional swing takes hours and hours of weekly practice to perfect. Most of us don’t have that kind of time. The hours...

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Simple Golf Swing Review

Reviewer: Mike Murray Rating: 5 Stars Website Reviewed: The Simple Golf Swing Website   I have no doubt that anyone who purchases the Simple Golf Swing will find exactly what they are looking for inside. The Simple Golf Swing was written by golf author David Nevogt and it was specifically developed to reduce the score of bogey golfers and higher and in doing this it is utterly comprehensive. It’s ideal for anyone with an 18+ handicap and will make a dramatic impact on your game, but even if you’re a more skilled golfer it will still reduce your score! The Simple Golf Swing uses the spine as the focal point of the swing. As the shoulders turn on the backswing, the spine operates as the axis. The backswing is shorter than most golf swings taught so it takes a little while to get used to. But your drives will be straighter and longer with little power lost. Consistency in your shots is going to drop your score. Click Here to Visit The Simple Golf Swing The “Simple Golf Swing” guarantees to lengthen your drive and shave 7 to 10 strokes from your scorecard in just 2 weeks. Is that possible? Well, how many penalty strokes do you take on an average round? How many yards are lost from hitting the ball from the rough? Fat shots? Top the ball?...

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