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Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips for Beginners

Before getting into the advanced stuff, what are the best golf tips for beginners? Well, the most important tip that any beginner golfer can follow is to practice…often. The repetitive motion for striking the ball correctly must be drilled into your subconscious to be able to perform consistently on the golf course. In addition, be wary of following golf tips given by the many “duffers” out there. In most cases, you’ll have to unlearn them at a later date. If you can afford it, look for a reputable teaching pro in your area. If you have budget constraints, there are quality teaching programs online that can walk you the basics of golf.

Addressing the Ball

One of the most important of golf tips for beginners is getting the correct posture. In some cases, the knees, hips, and back are too straight. In others, it’s the opposite where the knees are too flexed, you are bent too far forward at the hips, and the shoulders are hunched. The ideal posture should be relaxed with the knees slightly bent, a slight tilt from the hips, and the shoulders held back. This positioning will allow for the best possible swing plane.

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Setting up for the Shot

Many beginners address the ball in reverse order. They first step to the ball and set their feet while trying to align themselves towards the fairway or green that they are aiming for. They then position the club to the ball and swing away. The problem with this is that you may not have your body square to your destination. You may or may not have the ball positioned properly within your stance with it being too far forward or backward.
If you watch the pros, they first stand behind the ball and pick their target. They then grip the club, square the club head as well as their shoulders and then address the club to the ball. When all of the preliminary factors are performed correctly, the ball will be positioned correctly within your stance. Eliminate the guesswork by following these steps and you’ll hit the ball towards your target more consistently.

Course Management

Once you can hit the ball fairly consistently, you’ll want to learn how to effectively manage your game. The game of golf can be enticing for newcomers and old-timers alike to want to push your limits and try to get more out of a shot. It rarely works to your advantage. Train yourself to stay within your shot range and just make solid contact. You’ll reach the green before you know it.
Play to various targets throughout the hole. A mistake many beginners make is looking down a long par 5 and saying to themselves, “I better hit this shot with everything I’ve got to reach the green.Big mistake. The hole becomes much longer when your drive only travels a hundred yards. The rookie then tries to make up for the flubbed drive by cranking out a monster 3-wood. You see where this is going. By the time you putt out you’re looking at an eight or worse.
A nice easy swing that makes contact consistently is what you want. You don’t climb a ladder by jumping from the first rung to the top. You want to manage your shots to within 150 yards from the green. A 200-yard drive and a 175 yard 3-wood are going to get you within striking range on a par 4 hole.
Following on from our golf tips for beginners, you’ll find lots of other great tips on our site such as how to help you create backspin on your approach shots and in no time you’ll be putting for par!

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