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Golf Chipping Tips

Golf Chipping Tips

Golf Chipping Tips

All golf shots are important, however, the chip shot can make or break your game that’s why practical golf chipping tips are so important. If you hit your shot either too far or too short, you’re looking at a long putt to the hole leading to 2 and even 3 putts to hole out. An effective chip shot will nestle the ball close to the pin for an easy tap in. Practice the following golf chipping tips and you’ll be taking strokes off your game in no time.

Is it a Chip Shot or a Pitch Shot?

These two shots are often confused with each other and we should clear up any discrepancies. The pitch shot is high, or relatively high, shot that is lofted onto the green. It is used to hit the golf ball over bushes, bunkers, and other hazards. The goal is to lob a shot in, put a little backspin on it and stick it by the pin. A high loft wedge is required such as a 60-degree wedge or another favorite.
The chip shot is more of a bump-and-run. There are no obstacles to go over and the ball is normally close to the green or on the fringe. The goal of the chip shot is “get a little air” and land the ball on the green to roll towards the hole. Nearly every club in the bag can be used for a chip shot depending on the situation and lie.

Club Selection for Chipping

You should become proficient at using a variety of clubs for chip shots. If you are close to the green or on the fringe, you’ll likely want to choose a higher lofted club. The further your ball is from the green, the lower the loft you’ll want with your club selection.

For example, a pitching wedge and 9-iron are ideal golf clubs to use around the immediate perimeter of the green. A soft but confident stroke is required. Refrain from decelerating on your downswing or you’ll likely be making another chip shot a few yards closer to the green. If your lie is a little further back from the green, say 20 yards or so, you may want to use a 7-iron and further still a 5-iron.

Proper Weight Distribution and Ball Position is Critical

The club head on a chip shot needs to follow a straight line to ensure accuracy. It is very similar to putting the ball. It requires an open stance with the front foot angled approximately 45 degrees towards the hole. This helps ensure a smooth, straight-line stroke. Your front leg should also be supporting around 60 percent of your weight. Practice your stroke by playing a club on the ground and make sure your swing follows the shaft of the club.
In most cases, the ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance. This will allow you to chip the ball accurately towards the flag. If you require a little spin on the ball you may want to set it back slightly in your stance. You would likely do this when chipping downhill for example. Don’t forget to keep your hands forward from the ball position when chipping.

Consistently hitting accurate chip shots takes practice as do all golf shots. Mastering the “weight” of the shot is crucial. Once you apply these golf chipping tips, the two putts you normally take a turn into a 1 putt shaving precious strokes from your score.

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