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Simple Golf Swing Review

Reviewer: Mike Murray

Rating: 5 Stars

Website Reviewed: The Simple Golf Swing Website


Simple Golf SwingI have no doubt that anyone who purchases the Simple Golf Swing will find exactly what they are looking for inside.

The Simple Golf Swing was written by golf author David Nevogt and it was specifically developed to reduce the score of bogey golfers and higher and in doing this it is utterly comprehensive. It’s ideal for anyone with an 18+ handicap and will make a dramatic impact on your game, but even if you’re a more skilled golfer it will still reduce your score!

The Simple Golf Swing uses the spine as the focal point of the swing. As the shoulders turn on the backswing, the spine operates as the axis. The backswing is shorter than most golf swings taught so it takes a little while to get used to. But your drives will be straighter and longer with little power lost. Consistency in your shots is going to drop your score.

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The “Simple Golf Swing” guarantees to lengthen your drive and shave 7 to 10 strokes from your scorecard in just 2 weeks. Is that possible? Well, how many penalty strokes do you take on an average round? How many yards are lost from hitting the ball from the rough? Fat shots? Top the ball? You get the picture. This instructional course helps you stay out of trouble by taking the guesswork out of your swing.

You learn a 5-step golf swing system that focuses on:

• A Unique Setup

• The Right Grip

• Timing Drills

• Alignment Drills

• The Backswing

• The Downswing

• The Follow Through

I was amazed by the extent of the content in the Simple Golf Swing it has lessons to help fix your slice or hook, find out why you’re topping the ball, or hitting the turf behind it – it’s all there. In fact, it’s got tips for all types of shot driving, pitching, chipping, putting, or fairway shots.

There are 8 bonus guides that cover every facet of your game:

• Driving

• Chipping

• Pitching

• Putting

• Bunker Shots

• The Mental Game

• Golf Fitness

• Golf Training Aids

Some of what you’ll learn from The Simple Golf Swing Program:

• How to gain a new appreciation for golf.

• How to have more confidence on the course.

• Have less anger and frustration and more enjoyment.

• How to stay on the correct swing plane

• How to adjust your hand action to add distance.

• Different grip types and the pros and cons of each.

• Master the clubface alignment strategy and you’ll never be nervous on the first tee again.

• Simple strategies to hit more greens…and stick it to the pin.

• Setup strategies to follow on every shot.

• Promotes an inside-out swing that eliminates those nasty slices and puts you straight down the fairway.

I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical when I first looked at the site, but plain and simple, the system works. I was very impressed by the book and so must other people as they have a 95% success rate!

A golf pro will cost you at least $75 per hour of instruction. You can pick up this system for almost half of that as a one-time expense. You’ll get access to lifetime updates as they become available and 8 bonuses. So, this is a steal from a cost standpoint.

My advice is that if you truly want to improve your game and learn to consistently hit the ball long and straight then you should definitely get a copy of this system.
The Simple Golf Swing Review

Simple Golf Swing


Click Here to Visit The Simple Golf Swing

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